The General Public, Once Again Depressing

An article today in the Monterey Herald entitle Scientists Held High, But Less Than Before shows how much the general public doesn’t know.

While showing a very strong respect for science, the poll numbers don’t add up. Take for example some of the portions below.

For example, 63 percent of respondents who believe in creationism and 64 percent of those contending there is no evidence of global warming still said science does much to contribute to the well-being of society.

63% believe in creationism, with no evidence but a book. 64% state that there is no evidence for global warming. These dichotomies are depressing. No one has claimed creationism in scientific discussions since Louis Pasteur in 1859. The fact that the general populace is willing to not learn from the evidence provided by science is exceptionally disappointing. Abiogenesis and Evolution are simple to understand if you take the time.

Science illiteracy is the worst thing possible for any society. If causes people to disregard science, yet hold its findings to be wonderful when it does not challenge their assumptions. Science brings us medicine, the comforts of modern society, and all the things that we enjoy today that deals with technology. To accept modern medicine but state the evolution is incorrect is a complete fallacy. This does not work.

Once again, I find it depressing and dismally dreadful that a country that has so much science and potential would allow itself to be dragged down by, what is mostly, religious bigotry.


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