Creation “Museum” Trip

Just to let anyone who is reading this know. I’m heading out to the SSA – Secular Students Association – conference in Columbus, Ohio tomorrow to be there in time for Friday. Friday is the tour of the Creation Museum by Ken Ham. It is debatable if you can call it a museum, and I’m going to be rolling in laughter – internally and then externally upon exiting the museum. I’ll upload some pictures and comments once I return. About 200 of use will be attending, including PZ Myers and a whole slew of the godless.

For those who don’t know, this “museum” is all about creationism and intelligent design. We can see the Ultimate Proof of Creationism on the day we go, and I’m debating if I wish to subject myself to possible torture. If you are attending and haven’t seen PZ’s recommended preparation video, you can watch it by clicking here. I could only make it through two portions before I couldn’t handle more. I must improve my tolerance before Friday morning. I believe it is possible.

Hoping to see the swarm there!

Isaac Mills


2 Responses to “Creation “Museum” Trip”

  1. If you kill Wendy Wright, please take pictures. She’s a dumb bitch.

  2. darkshrouds Says:

    No killing or harm shall come to creationist at the museum unless they instigate it.

    I’ll be in wait for a bit of argument though I would prefer to do so off of their property.

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