Religion is Useless

I’ve been hearing the argument after I have dismantled the arguments made from the creationists that seem to propagate the streets here that one can not judge a belief system by its assumptions or its works. Now, I have taken apart creationism in the realms of their own book, cosmology, evolution, abiogenesis, and generally any topic brought up. Once they are beat back they resort to this argument.

I am posting now to dismantle it completely; however I’m going to touch base on the general of the previous topics. Now, I’ve covered abiogenesis already, I’m not doing so again. It takes too long to retype and cut and paste the basics. I assume that one can read and that they can make use of such faculties. Evolution has DNA, fossil and considerable multitudes of evidence. To state that it did not happen or that the facts show a creator is to be either naïve or just a plain ignoramus. The fossil tree of life matches the DNA tree of life without alteration and without interpolation. Fused chromosomes and genetic anomalies can be predicted as we predicted that we as humans have a fused chromosome in comparison with apes.

Onto cosmology, which does not state that the universe began at the Big Bang, but that we can observe the universe to this condensed point at which a rapid expansion happened. The universe could have existed before the singularity, however, we are unable to determine what was prior to 10^-37 seconds prior because we enter a stage where no data can be obtained.

Once disarmed of these “scientific” debates, the point is raised of Stalin and those evil dictators that killed for atheism. It is a failure of understanding as they did not kill for atheism, but for power and control. These dictators were Statists in the sense that the State was to be worshiped and revered. When you return this with the Inquisition, the Crusades, the militant attacks of other religions, the people who believe that when they kill people, they will see Jesus in heaven, and the like, the atheist will be told they can’t do this.

Now why this double standard? Because religion is useless. Prayers get answered but not always the way requested, not at all or you have to squint real hard for it. Devoting time to saving souls is better than devoting time to your local soup kitchen, working on human rights, or doing something to help others. Religion gives nothing to us but division, wars, hatred, bigotry, and truly, a good portion of evil. Science has given us technology including televisions, planes, cars, vaccines, medicine, air conditioning, refrigeration, irrigation, space flight, cameras, improved food, computers, radio, construction, electricity, and so much more. Over 1000 years and religion has given nothing to society except a ritual that people can participate in and science has given us longer lives and better ones at that.

Religion is useless. It gives nothing of merit. If it makes you feel better that an invisible man is watching over you and helping you every day, go right ahead and believe so. Just expect that I’m going to laugh when you try to tell me that it is true and that I just have to seek him truly with my heart and soul. Telling yourself the great adult fairy tale may be nice, but doesn’t make it any more true. If delusion makes you feel better, that is your choice; however, kindly keep those delusions to yourself.

I’m tired of this argument as not only does it hold up to scrutiny, it also has no merit. Because if your religion is shown to be false, then why follow it at all. All religions fail essentially on a majority of scientifically proven theories and data. Therefore, why follow any religion. Put those fairy tale stories from the bronze and iron ages on the shelves where they belong and think for yourselves. And theists, stop asking why an atheist laughs when you make these statements.

Isaac Mills


6 Responses to “Religion is Useless”

  1. The best part is that Jesus still loved you enough to die for you. Don’t you understand that your opposition to Him is fulfilling His prophesy? So by denying Him and go after anyone that follows Him, you are proving His words that where written down thousands of years ago. Thank you.

    I would hope you would come to recognize His sacrifice for you but that is your choice to make. I am sorry that some people proclaimed to be Christians and displayed a poor example for you to judge Christ by. I wish you would judge Christ by His words and not those of mere humans. I once was like you until I decided to ignore people and think for myself. That is when I recognized God’s sacrifice for me, someone who did not deserve it. I hope that one day you will think for yourself and do the same.

  2. darkshrouds Says:

    You sir have completely missed the entire point of this post.

    I am stating that all religions are useless. They are. I am not going after anyone in this post, I am simply stating a direct observation. People pray, nothing happens. People ask that people get better, suffering ends, and the world becomes better; however it never seems to phase them when none of that happens.

    You are speaking to someone who has, with great assistance of reference materials, attempted to understand the old and new testament in the original language. The false assumption that I have have not recognized something, overlooked it in 4 years of delving into it, and then to claim that this would be better to conform to group think than to judge for myself shows a lack of mental fortitude and perhaps a small bit of cowardice.

    Please do not turn or attempt to turn my blog into an evangelist area. If you wish to debate a topic or such through email or on blogs, please let me know at my email –

  3. I am proof of answered prayer. I have also experienced answered prayer. Just because not all prayers are answered the way we humans ask for it to be answered does not mean it goes unanswered. That is a poor argument.

    I am not attempting to evangelize, only speak the truth. The same as you are doing.

  4. darkshrouds Says:

    To state that a prayer happened when God is not a necessary nor sufficient for the event means you are assuming that God exists and that the events occur. The events just occur and you interpret these natural events to have God’s hand in them.

    The sun rose today, does that mean Apollo has his chariot in the sky? I can say the Elvis is alive. I see a bit of him in you and all of us. He helps comfort people and when I look at you and the events around you, I see his influence and work in your life. Now this is viewed as absurd, however, replace Elvis with Jesus and you generally have your argument. Both are absurd, and both are not needed in this world to be a good person, a rational person, or just simply a human being.

  5. Which would you like to debate, usefulness of prayer or bases of morality? Lets not create rabbit trails and stay on one topic.

    Do you have evidence that God was not involved in answering my prayers? If not, why do you dismiss an option without proof to it being false.

  6. darkshrouds Says:

    You would be wise to not how that paragraph was constructed. I refuted said usefulness.

    I have no evidence expect experience and statical analysis. Christians have prayed for healing, it does not happen even though it is supposed to – in the sense that true believers will be granted what is asked and would not pray for something if God did not want them to. However, when a prayer goes unanswered, it is God’s will from his Divine Plan. So why pray if God’s plan is going to happen with or without your prayer? It is not logical. If prayers are not answered, or not fulfilled, why then believe there is a God but he works in ways we don’t understand? Why not save a step and simply conclude that God does not exist, or at least, doesn’t interact in our realm? Why buy into those iron age myths?

    You state I dismiss without proof. You sir assume without proof. I see this falsified every time a Christian prays for me to turn to God, every time they pray to be healed and then go to a doctor, every time they pray for world hunger to end and then eat their fill and do nothing, every time they pray for the end of suffering and then the world does not change. Now if that is all God’s Divine Plan, fine so be it, I don’t see that happening but if it is, it still shows that those prayers have gone unanswered or possible – since there is no God – unheard.

    Isaac Mills
    PS. To anyone commenting after this. I’m traveling as of now and really won’t be able to comment or post till much later. Probably the 8th.

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