Travel Day and Theists

I’ve begun my flight to Houston and will be there shortly, then a transfer to get me to Columbus. While I’m sure I will be exhausted, I’m gong to gear up and make sure to be ready for the tour tomorrow. I hope to get at least 3-5 hours of sleep.

However, I digress as, I don’t wish to cover my dull day of transfers but the detriment of the religiously inclined. The mental wound that I am speaking of is the religious and their firm belief that their version of general sect is correct without question, without proof and without analysis. This assertion to give them a method to rationalize the events of this natural world and a way to live on after their being ceases to exists.

A majority of mankind wishes to believe in a higher power or something to explain why things happen, however, we are restrained in our explanations by our common sense and observations. Science covers why things rise and fall, chemical reactions, growth, how to heal, how to kill, etc and for the events and occurrences in the world, they happen because of natural causes and they events are random. Random in the sense of natural disasters, disease, etc, not my toast is done because I put it in the toaster. Religious people state that these events, such as people coming into your life, a good job, happiness in your home, etc, come from God or something similar. There is no proof of this. You might as well as claim the Cookie Dough Dragon is watching over you and breathed himself into existence. You must eat of his dough and drink of his blood (milk) to not be cast into the stale bread at the end of days. This is seen as ridiculous. However, this is exactly what Christians follow. Accept Christ or go to hell. We let our common sense tell us that the Cookie Dough Dragon is bogus, why hold onto Christianity or any religion? Just because some cattle-sacrificing primitives believe that this book was correct and the word of God, doesn’t mean that you, a rational, thinking human being has to buy into it.

God is not dead because God was never alive. God has never existed except in the eyes of people who instead of seeing the world rationally and objectively, analysing what comes their way and actually thinking about their conclusions, desire a simple explanation to the troubles of the world, want comfort for themselves and others when loved ones pass on, and want comfort that things will be alright when they look bad.

This is not necessarily a bad want, however, it has caused a false construction of reality. To believe in adult fairy tales because it makes you feel better is not intellectually honest. I wish, as Jefferson did, that one day we shall shelve our beliefs that a story of a man who was born of a virgin will be placed on the shelves of our libraries with the myths of Zeus, Baal and all the others already there and yet to be.

Isaac Mills


One Response to “Travel Day and Theists”

  1. Jordan Says:

    I love how you felt the need to put this up after you’ve already gotten there and visited the Creation Museum. Give us a real update! 😛

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