Creation Math – The Flood and Reforming of the Earth

I had to do the calculations on this picture. I couldn’t resist.

From SSACON2009

Ok, here are the assumptions. The global flood lasted 1 year and 10 days or 375 days or 9000 hours. (From Gen 7.11 and Gen 8.14) Now, this is why creationist shouldn’t use figures. Because math is their downfall.

Science tells us that Pangaea was formed about 180 Million years ago. Now, I have scoured the Internet trying to find the relative speeds of the continents and such and haven’t been able to find them. However, it is known that the average movement of continents are about 2-7 cm per year (Kanamori, Hiroo & Emily E. Brodsky. “The Physics of Earthquakes.” Physics Today. (June 2001): 34.) This does not mean that the rates were not slower or faster in the past. They were from data we already have. India moved around 15 cm per year when colliding with Asia and some portions today move around 1 cm per year – North Atlantic. The average does however give a reasonable way to calculate the speed for these purposes.

What I’ve done. I’ve taken 2 cm per year, multiplied by 180 Million years, then divided by 32400000 seconds to determine just how fast the continents would have to go, at a minimum, during the flood. It comes out to 1.11 meters per second. If we take the faster of 7 cm per year, we end up with 3.89 meters per second.

Lets up this into perspective. This states that the plates on the earth were moving at least 2.5 to 8.7 miles per hour! Still not going crazy? Ok, I’m sure everyone has taken a bath. If you have ever put your hands at the bottom of the tub and moved them quickly away, you notice there is a sink where your hands used to be. Or perhaps you know what a tsunami is? They occur when earth reforms underwater. The movement here would have created huge sink holes and with respect to the large mountain ranges of the world, rises in the ocean along with large underwater currents. The large waves would have demolished any boat, ark, or vessel on the water because the seas would have been too high just by rocking the boat back and forth. The underwater currents would have created large currents going from the bottom all the way to the top.

One last comment here. Let us compare some easy rates. The fastest continent movement we have recorded is 15 cm per year (that I have found). The slowest in creationist theory is 1.11 meters per second or 35,004,960 meters per year. That is off by a factor of 23,336,640,000% and yes that is in BILLIONS of percent! That is effective of saying that effective of saying that the diameter of Jupiter is .61 meters and that if you want to get to Jupiter it is merely a car drive away, about 4 km at Jupiter and Earth’s farthest distance (928,081,020 km). It is effective of saying that the ENTIRE MILKY WAY GALAXY will fit WITH ROOM TO SPARE in the average orbit of Neptune! (Milky way galaxy number 4,070,851,673 km diameter with Neptune’s average orbit of 4,498,252,900 km).

Look, I am a calm and nice person generally. This is however complete crap. I won’t argue against creationism because your brain must be just too dense to understand basic math and analysis if you hold to it. I will ridicule and mock and laugh and treat creationist as children, because that’s what they are, children. They are children who need to be told that Santa Clause isn’t real, there aren’t fairies in the garden, there is no invisible man in the sky watching over them, and they aren’t better off believing in it.

Hope you all enjoyed!

Isaac Mills


10 Responses to “Creation Math – The Flood and Reforming of the Earth”

  1. You don’t get it do you? God doesn’t obey your math, he does whatever he wants!

    Nice blog.

  2. darkshrouds Says:

    Of course, my math must be flawed because God said something else. Just like we shouldn’t go into space as we might burst the firmament of the sky.

    Thanks for reading.

  3. Jordan Says:

    Unless the Great Flood happened wayyyy faster than the Bible says, I don’t think the people were stupid enough to not make some more boats. “Gee, sure is raining a lot! Should we make a boat? Or a raft of some sort? Hell, even move to the roofs of our houses since we’re up to the tables in water right now? NAHHHHH! God will keep us safe! He’s a loving Go- HARGLBARGHARLG”

  4. Haha, awesome back-of-the-envelope sort of calculation. Thanks for posting.

  5. I think I love you.

  6. darkshrouds Says:


    I know, not the best work of math but I think reasonable and effective. Thanks for reading


    I’m flattered. I’m glad you enjoyed reading. Thanks!

  7. Very interesting. Thanks for tackling the math on this. Have you considered what the implications of the creationist math would be on the colliding of the continents at such high speeds versus the ‘slower’ speeds (that’s an understatment) such as 15cm/year in the case of India. I’m curious if we can make any meaningful calculations regarding how much energy would be required to create the Himalayas for example, and how ridiculously high everest should be if the creationist model were accurate and 15cm/year is indeed sufficient to generate the momentum needed to create such massive mountain ranges. (I’m no scientist so I might be getting my ideas mixed up a bit). Thanks for the blog.


  8. darkshrouds Says:

    I have given some thought. I was wondering if they would just turn into gravel or cause other reactions – turning into magma, deformations, shattered rock, etc.

    I’d need someone with more experience to look into it.

    Thanks for reading

  9. Rolan le Gargéac Says:

    Or perhaps you know what a tsunami is?

    If you’re already out at sea you’d be lucky to even notice such an event.

  10. darkshrouds Says:

    This is true, however, I was speaking on the change in height causing many changes in water level due to rapidly rising and falling ocean floor with new mountains formed, new seas and falling hills.

    The rocking of the boat – the great ark – would cause it to sink rapidly.

    Anyone know how long the ark could last at sea when the oil (pitch) used to seal the ark wasn’t there till after the flood?

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