Praise for Google

Just in case you were all wondering, i am alive and am planning on posting much more in the next week or so. My cat has kept me occupied and I am almost ready to relaunch my blog.

However, today there is something worth noting. China might loose Google.

Or in a better phrasing, because of China’s violations of free-speech and some attacks and attempted hacks, found here on Google’s Blog, Google has thought of removing the censorship from – their China search engine that runs through the Great Firewall of China.

I applaud the choice by Google to remove the censorship from the internet. The internet should be a free area of debate, where ideas can be shared, integrated, improved and more. I will be disappointed if they allow the censorship back on. Immensely disappointed enough to likely run everything through another search engine and email system as to not use the server of a company that bent to the whims of an oppressive and destructive government.

I think the attacks that Google has information on are enough for me to feel confident in the oppressive and destructive government, even without the atrocities of 1989 and more. Targeting human rights activist that refer to China and trying to gain access to US based companies over the internet is demonstrative of this implicitly. If China is willing to do this and be seen in doing so, it makes myself wonder what is being hidden that we have yet to see.


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