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Institute of Human Continuity – How Hilarious!

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EDIT: Issac fail at reading right… oops. Oh well, site is still hilarious.

I stumbled across this after seeing a commercial for their elections. These people firmly believe in the 2012 fiasco. They have what they call Operation Safe Haven which is hilarious. I believe that the funniest set is in the space colonies and subterranean and floating-water cities.

If you want to save yourselves you can enter the lottery to get into one of their safe havens.

The most amusing thing about the site though is how they know when it is going to happen. Here is the quote that I found highly amusing, “the Institute of Human Continuity is dedicated to scientific research and public preparedness. After more than two decades of rigorous research from the worlds top astronomers, mathematicians, geologists, physicists, astrophysicists, engineers, futurists… we know in 2012 a series of cataclysmic forces will wreak havoc on our planet. The IHC has developed a number of initiatives to prepare the world for this inevitability.” (Emphasis added)

The initiatives can be found here as well and they are planning a subterranean city in Antarctica.

I’ve never found something so hilarious and I perused this site at my own amusement; however, I found that this was more disturbing when I realized that they actually completely buy into it.

Enjoy the insanity!

Isaac Mills